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Presenters - The Bairs

We, Andrew and Robin, have been married since 1991. We both had failed first marriages. We have a passion for helping others not make the same mistakes that we made in the past.  Through intense study, research, and life experiences we have helpful and needed information for couples today. Our mission is to help couples grow closer in Christ and strengthen their covenant marriage relationship.



Andrew has been involved in his local church throughout his entire life. He has served as youth group leader, teacher for children's and adult divisions, head deacon, and head elder. He is frequently called upon to deliver the sermon and has been the featured speaker at church retreats and seminars as well as leading marriage ministry activities for the local churches.


Andrew's professional background is in healthcare, starting in the hospital kitchen as a teenager. After several other front-line positions he eventually earned his RN degree, specializing in psychiatry, home health, ER, and critical care. He held hospital leadership positions since 1994 as Emergency Room Manager, Critical Care and Surgical Services Director, Home Health Administrator, and Chief Nursing Officer. After obtaining his MBA in healthcare management, he worked as COO and CEO since 2009.  In 2023 he left healthcare to join Robin in giving attention to this vital ministry.


Robin has a passion for helping people. She has been very active in local church and school leadership. She has served as the local church school board chair, she has served as deaconess, women's ministry leader, and featured speaker at woman's ministry events. She also has served as a teacher in children's as well as adult divisions. She held the position of church secretary allowing her to participate in many hours of coaching, listening, and serving members of the church. She has led, depression recovery seminars, taught Weimar cooking classes. and led marriage ministry activities for local churches.


Robin has worked as an LPN and licensed colon therapist. She has also been quite the entrepreneur as a health food store owner, a florist, event planner, cake decorator, auto detail shop owner, and realtor. She was the primary homeschool teacher for our children. She worked for Voice of Prophecy as a field representative and event decorator. She has been also a soloist for Amazing Facts Seminars with Doug Bachelor.

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