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I Forever Do - Testimonials and References

I am writing on behalf of Andrew and Robin Bair, to let you know how much of a blessing their marriage seminars are. Andrew and Robin were members of the Great Bend, Kansas SDA church for two of the years I pastored there, and we were incredibly fortunate to have them share an amazing weekend marriage seminar with our church. They have a wealth of experience in many areas, particularly in the areas of ministering to married couples. I personally witnessed them minister to a struggling husband who was  going through a painful divorce that was not his fault and nurtured him back with lots of love, support and biblical counsel.

      Andrew and Robin have a knack for being able to show people how to have a loving and Christ-centered marriage as well as provide wisdom and encouragement that can help heal and restore marriages. Both were in excellent standing while attending Great Bend SDA, as Andrew was an active Elder who was in our regular preaching and sabbath school teaching rotation and Robin did a very nice job connecting with our members, particularly the ladies as  she served as Women's Ministry Coordinator. 

I would recommend them to share a marriage seminar to any church. You will not be disappointed.

                      Kind regards,

                      Pastor Trey S.

Dear Andrew and Robin,

      Thank you so much for your time and dedication conducting the Bible-based Marriage Seminar at the Danville, Pennsylvania SDA Church.  Those who attended had a wonderful experience and the lectures were filled with spiritual and practical advice concerning a Christian marriage.  I personally appreciate both of you working in tandem and your humor and enthusiasm throughout the three-day event was welcomed!  I will put out the word of your ministry to the Pennsylvania Conference and fellow pastors.  I am personally pleased that you center all your marriage advice on Jesus Christ as the true foundation of a solid husband/wife relationship.  Thank you so much and God bless you as you serve our Lord and those in need of marital enrichment.



                       Pastor Bob  Snyder


Braselton SDA House of Prayer                                                                 June 12, 2024

99 East Jefferson St. Hoschton,

GA 30548 Phone: (806) 584-9266




On behalf of the Braselton SDA House of Prayer we recommend and endorse Andrew and Robin Bair for their excellent presentations on Marriage Seminars. Each section was covered with Scripture and stories to fit the days & times. We encourage every church who is planning to have a Marriage Seminar to invite them.


                  Pastor, Dale Tunnell

          I am writing in reference to Robin and Andrew Bair who currently reside in, West Virginia.

It has been our pleasure to know Robin & Andrew for the last 18 years, first as their pastoral family and later as friends.

While living in Moses Lake, Washington, Andrew served as an elder in our church and both were involved in Family Ministries and many other aspects of church life. We have found them to be true and loyal Seventh-day Adventists over the many years that we have known them.

         Both Andrew and Robin have displayed great leadership talents and a desire to serve the Lord in whatever capacity they may be called. We have enjoyed watching them serve the Lord in many different areas after leaving Moses Lake when Andrew’s work required him to move.

          It is not just the leadership and desire to serve that impress us. Robin and Andrew are a joy to work with because of their amazingly positive attitude even when things do not move forward as they desire. Their keen sense of humor has been a positive in our friendship and we only wish that the miles did not separate our different paths.

We are confident that they will be a blessing in the churches they serve.



      Darayl L., Retired Pastor.

      Sandy L., Elder.

          Greetings! It is my privilege to offer my commendation to Andrew & Robin. I have known them during their stay in Great Bend as regular members of the Great Bend Seventh Day Adventist and board members. They offered marriage counselling to those who needed their ministry. They were elected to be part of the family ministry team. We appreciated their seminar about marriage and pre-marriage counselling. I believe that they are a good asset to any congregation in matter of family ministry. I recommend them without reservation.

        My kind regards,

        Bell R. , MD Head Elder

       Robin and Andrew Bair are a fun couple who demonstrate what a loving couple should be. My husband and I were in our later 70’s when we attended the marriage session at our church. Just watching them was so enjoyable and informative. Made us realize errors in relationships that we both experienced early in our lives. When they presented, those attending were entertained as they learned and were deeply blessed. I would highly recommend them to any group of any age.

     When Robin and Andrew came to our small church, they expressed that they wanted to join a church where they could work. Andrew became an elder and Sabbath School teacher and preached some of the most thought provoking sermons with enough humor to make it really spiritually memorable. Robin brought her expertise into the Women’s Ministry Department as well as with teaching youth with special needs. She knew how to gain their confidence and had the capacity to show them Jesus and His love for them.

      I would recommend Robin and Andrew to any group who want to learn about love and marriage from the point of what Jesus taught.


            Doris R.


        My husband Richard and I went to a counseling session at Andrew and Robin Bair's home.  There was another couple with us.  Andrew and Robin did an intensive afternoon of counseling with us.  I believe we came back for a second afternoon.  They did a wonderful job!  It was comfortable to be in their presence, and in their home.  They made us feel very at ease.  The topics were serious but they added such warmth and laughter that it took the edge off of being nervous to talk about such things openly.  I am very grateful to Andrew and Robin for the time and effort they put into this gift they gave to us.  They would be most requested if they got into a program of helping others with their marriage difficulties.  This is such a needed area of counsel and the Bair family is just who you need to fill the void.


        Andrea D.

        I am writing to you to highly recommend Andrew and Robin Bair as leaders and facilitators of marriage seminars in churches and/or in the community.  They are a very special and talented couple who are able to put people at ease while having very frank conversations about the sensitive topics and issues which can be present in many marriages today. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have further questions.

      Julie R.

        My name is Danielle T. I attended church with Andrew and Robin Bair at the Great Bend SDA Church when they lived in Kansas. Over that time I observed how they interacted with each other, and with the church. They were a blessing to watch. Their genuine care and love for each other was inspiring. They are the kind of people that you just have to look at and you can see their love for each other, and more importantly their love for Christ. They were always willing to lend a helping hand in the church, despite their busy schedules.

 Myself and another couple from the church were invited to come to their home for a “marriage building” weekend led by them. I was excited to go and learn how they had been able to keep their marriage a joy for such a long time. My husband on the other hand, was not quite as excited as I was. He does not attend church with me regularly and wasn’t really looking forward to going, but was willing because he had met Andrew and Robin before and had really enjoyed their company.  When we got to their home we were both welcomed with open arms. They were ready and prepared to make our experience the best it could be. They had  activities that kept us engaged and there was not a time it was not a kind and positive environment.  They adapted to the people they were teaching and had something for everyone. Their structure was built on the rock of Jesus, and it shined through in everything they did. They were caring and confident in their teaching and it showed how they had made their relationship work for so long. It was a blessing to both me and my husband to attend their class. My husband enjoyed it greatly as well and we learned how we could build upon our marriage. We are still putting into practice what we learned from that weekend. I am so thankful I was able to see first hand the example of how a loving, Christ centered relationship works.  It was my pleasure to write a recommendation for them.


              I am pleased to recommend Mrs. Robin Bair and Mr. Andrew Bair as marriage ministry leaders. I came to know the Bairs as active members of the Great Bend Seventh Day Adventist Church in Great Bend, Kansas while I was a member there.  During their time there, they have unequivocally shown their intellectual abilities, the quality of their interpersonal relationship skills, and their leadership skills.  I have also experienced their counseling in my own personal journey. I have no doubt they will make a strong team in a marriage ministry and I recommend them with enthusiasm.



Hari M. R.




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