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We have been married since 1991. That gives us tremendous experience as a couple and we've learned a lot from life experience.

However, we have also spent time immersed in the study of relationships and marriage. Here is a list of our material sources. We are continually learning more and adding to our reading. Some of what we have read has contradicted other things we have read. In all cases, we measure the theories and conclusions by the Bible.

My (Andrew) favorite resources so far are:

1-Thomas, G. (2014) A lifelong love; What if marriage is more than just staying together?

2-Tripp, P.D. (2010) What did you expect?  

Gregoire, S.W., Lindenbach, R.G., & Sawatsky, J. (2021) The great sex rescue: 

4-Fredricks, R. & Fredricks, S. (2018) Fierce marriage

5-Haubeil, H. (2015) Steps to personal revival

6- Gottman, J., & Silver, N. (2013) 
What makes love last?

7- Warren, N.C. (2000) Catching the rhythm of love

Keller, T. (2011), The meaning of marriage




Bacchiocchi S. (1991) The marriage covenant. Biblical Perspectives

Chapman, G. (2005) The five love languages. DVD 4-part series

Cloud, H. & Townsend, J.  (2000) Boundaries in dating: Making dating work. Zondervan

Cunningham, T. & Smalley, G. (2009) From anger to intimacy, DVD 4-part series

Dagnan, C.S. (2009) Hot Chocolate for couples: Practical ways to sweeten your love life, Harvest House

DiLorenzo, A. & DiLorenzo, T. (2010- present) One extraordinary marriage podcast

DiLorenzo, A. & DiLorenzo, T. (2021) The 6 pillars of intimacy: the secret to an extraordinary marriage. One Extraordinary Marriage


Downs, T., & Downs, J. (2003)The seven conflicts: resolving the most common disagreements in marriage. Moody Press

Driscoll, G. & Driscoll, M.(2020-present) Real marriage podcast

Driscoll, G. & Driscoll, M. (2012) Real Marriage: The truth about sex, friendship & life together, Thomas Nelson

Eggerichs, E. (2004) Love and respect. DVD, 5-part series

Evans, J. (1996) Marriage in the rock. DVD, 10-part series

Evans, J. (1994) Marriage in the rock, Majestic Media

Fredricks, R. & Fredricks, S. (2106- present) Fierce marriage podcast

Fredricks, R. & Fredricks, S. (2018) Fierce marriage, Baker Books

Fredricks, R.G. (2023) How a husband speaks, Lion Press

Gottman, J., & Silver, N. (2013)  What makes love last? How to build trust and avoid betrayal. Random House

Gregoire, S.W. (2012) The good girl’s guide to great sex, Zondervan Books

Gregoire, S.W., Lindenbach, R.G., & Sawatsky, J. (2021) The great sex rescue: The lies you’ve been taught and how to recover what God intended., Baker Books

Grey, J. (2009) Venus on fire, mars on ice. DVD 3-part series

Gungor, M. (2007) Laugh your way to a better marriage. DVD, 4-part series

Harley, W. F. (2008). Love busters: Protecting your marriage from habits that destroy romantic love. Revell

Harley, W.F. (2003) His needs her needs, DVD, 6-part series


Hemfelt, R., Hemfelt S., Minrith, F., Minrith, M.A, Newman, B., & Newman, D. (1991) Passages of Marriage Thomas Nelson Publishers

Haubeil, H. (2015) Steps to personal revival, Australian Publishing House

Hohnberger, J. (2009, February 1). Irresistible: Revitalize and empower your marriage. Pacific Press

Keller, T. (2011), The meaning of marriage; Facing the complexitie of commitment with the wisdaom of God. Dutton

Kelley, B. & Kelley, M. (2019-present) Thriving marriage podcast

Kulkin, S. & Storey, D. (1995) Body & soul: A married couples guide to discovering our unique sexual personalities) Questar Publishing

Moore, B., Smalley, G., Tacket, D., Thomas, G, & Trent, J. (2009) Focus on the marriage, DVD 5-part series

Oliver, E & Oliver, W. (2009) Marriage in God’s hands. DVD 10-part series

Owen, J. (2020). The mortification of sin. Tradlife Press

Parker, J. (2002) Blueprints for marriage: building love for a lifetime. PneumaLife Publishers 

Parrott, L. & Parrott, L. (2005) I love you more. DVD, 6-part series

Parrott, L. & Parrott, L. (2004) Making marriage work, DVD 4-part series.

Parrott, L. & Parrott, L. (2004) Love talk, Zondervan

Phillips, F.H. (1997) What does she want from me anyway? Honest answers to questions men ask about women. Harper Collins

Sax. L (2017) Why Gender Matters, Harmony Books

Smalley, G. (2006) I promise. DVD, 6-part series

Smalley, G. (1986) Keys to a loving relationship. DVD, 3-part series

Stanley, A. (2018) What happy couples know. DVD, 4-part series

Thomas, G. (2022) Making your marriage a fortress, Zondervan Books

Thomas, G. (2014) A lifelong love: What if marriage is about more than just staying together?, Zondervan Books

Thomas, G. (1996) Sacred Pathways. Zondervan Books

Thomas, G. (2014) A lifelong love; What if marriage is more than just staying together? David Cook 

Thomas, G. (2016) Cherish. DVD, 6-part series

Thomas, G. (2015) Sacred Marriage. DVD, 6-part series

Tibbits, D. (2006) Forgive to live: How forgiveness can save your life. Thomas Nelson Publishers

Tripp, P.D. (2010) What did you expect? Redeeming the realities of marriage. Crossway

Tripp, P.D. (2014). What did you expect? Redeeming the realities of marriage. DVD -4-part series

Tucker, G. & Tucker, M. (2014) Mad about marriage live. DVD 6-part series

Warren, N.C. (2000) Catching the rhythm of love: Experience you way to a spectacular marriage. Thomas Nelson Publishers

Weiss D. (2001) Intimacy; a 100-day guide to lasting realtionships, Siloam

Willis, A. & Willis, D. (2019-present) The naked marriage podcast

White E.G. (1952) The Adventist home, Southern Publishing Association

Yerkovich K. & Yerkovich M. (2017) How we love, Random House  

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