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I Forever Do
The Program

8 Vital Sessions to Draw You Together

Heart Check

Black heart , clean heart, loving heart, broken heart, selfish heart, foolish hear, kind heart, wounded heart. What's the condition of your heart? The answer is more important than you think. Having the right heart condition is vital to you and your marriage. 

The Firm Foundation
of Covanent


The casual attitudes of a give and take  marriage or 50/50 marriage have infiltrated the church today. God has called us to a covenant. What does that mean?

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Today the world empasizes how men and women are the same. Yet, God has made us very different. But how different? How do these differences impact our relationship?


Most of our conflicts and joys revolve around communication. Understanding, empathy, and humor are foundational to a great marriage. But how do we get there when it seems we don't even speak the same language?

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Fight the Good Fight

All couples have  disagreement. Yet, how we disagree is important. This session will help the listener understand some dangerous pitfalls and how to avoid them, then learn to turn conflict into a closer relationship.

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Other Influences

Families and friends have a front row seat into our relationship and often have tremendous influence.  We answer questions on how much influence is approprite for friends and families. We also explore the complexities of a blended family. And finally how to navigate differenes in attitudes regarding finances.

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The Sex Talk

Yes, we talk about this! We discuss ellements of a healthy and satisfying sex life together, and how to navigate different expectaions within your marriage. 

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Standing Together at
the End of Time

We are looking to the soon return of Christ. We will discuss how to strengthen our bond to face the escalating attacks of the enemy and stand firm together to the end.  

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